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What feedback do you have about Noo Events? We’re listening.

October 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment

So I just realized I’ve gone through several iterations of our events website without really asking what our users want besides feedback I’ve received in direct conversations with close friends or people complaining about bugs here and there.

What do you want to see? We know some features that are definitely missing which will improve the event browsing experience but there are surely things we’ve missed or we didn’t think are as important as you may do. We may be wrong.

Please use this post to submit any feedback and ideas you have that can improve Noo Events for yourself and other visitors.

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It’s been a long time.

October 26th, 2010 · No Comments

I must admit, blogging is not our forte. It has been quite some time since last post. Figuring out how to turn Noo into some sort of profitable company probably isn’t either. But marketing events is something we’re definitely getting better at.

While development has been slow without any money, Mahdad, Mike and Peter have been working on new ideas over the past few months to allow event organizers, venues and promoters to list their events while making our guide more useful to visitors. We’ve still got work to do on the usability front. There are no filters,¬† sorting and search functionality. We know! It’s coming.

We decided to discontinue two things this year to allow us to focus our energy and time on marketing and getting enough events listed to make our guide useful to visitors, including ourselves! We’re still not happy.

1) Adios ticket sales. I made the decision early this year that we’re never going to beat the Eventbrites, Ticketmasters, Ticketleaps, and dozens of other established ticketing services. We would never be #1, 2 or 3 in that market, so why bother? While we realized we’re potentially losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in commissions that we once did earn, in order to make our site really comprehensive for cultural events around the world,¬† dealing with ticket sales, charge backs, customer service and paying venues was not aligning with that goal.

2) Paid listings. While we don’t let events list for free indefinitely in our directories we provide each event the opportunity to list for free for a limited time. We hope this will give more event organizers incentive to use our site to provide details about their events and allow us to provide more event options to our visitors.

It means we likely won’t be making much money until we have substantially more traffic but hey. At least we feel we’re building something useful.


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Gearing up for New Year’s Eve 2010

November 12th, 2009 · No Comments

With less than 60 days left till New Year’s we’re ramping up for 2010, that long anticipated calendar date. Or was it 2012? Hollywood is confusing with its movies. We had a blast of a recession in 2009 throwing all the full moon parties. We’ve got two more to go in 2009 and still looking for spaces for our final two. Keep an eye out for our New Year’s Eve blue moon party. It may be small but it will definitely be special!

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The 2009 Noo Survival Plan

May 13th, 2009 · No Comments

Part 1

So 2008 definitely didn’t end as planned. After raising some seed capital, we scaled up to 4 people and by year’s end it was back down to just me, Mahdad Taheri. Three months of planning at the beginning of the year all went down the toilet because of typical start-up challenges topped with the massive impact of the greedy financial sector collapse. With Noo in 2008 we didn’t make the money we were supposed to, the team lost morale because of development setbacks, and at the end I couldn’t afford to keep anyone on board anymore. It was devastating end to the year. Good thing I can take a hit and always have a few cards up my sleeve…

So it was back to the Noo drawing board. My favorite place to be funny enough. It’s that special creative place deep inside us where ideas are sketched on paper and then passionately put in motion.

For 2009 I decided to just enjoy this place again, focus on TVI Designs to make sure that company which gave birth to Noo doesn’t croak and die, and just get through the year. No more business plans that waste time. Considering the company right now has no money because I haven’t had the time to find it nor do I have a committed team to find it for anymore, things with Noo have sadly been very slow to move forward on the web development front. I’m real embarrassed by the two products right now of nooEvents and nooExperiences. They really aren’t what I set out to build. But I’m stuck and don’t have a developer who wants to see things through.

So what do entrepreneurs like me (or I guess just me) do to survive and get through 2009? I throw creative full moon parties. They keep spirits alive, creative energies flowing, and have allowed Noo to start producing events rather than simply marketing them. You should come to them. They’re called Moonlight Nights. They’re different and they’re magical!

And this New Year’s Eve we’ll be experiencing something even more spectacular. Not only will it be a full moon on Dec 31 but it will be a blue moon, which means two full moons in a month. The first lighting up your sky around Dec 2. The odds of this happening have got to be 1 in 1000+ years. Need to find an astronomer who can tell us exactly when the next New Year’s Eve blue moon will be but for sure it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence. (leaving aside technical arguments of when a blue moon actually is, the third full moon in a season or the fourth)

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Elizabeth Gilbert on the Creative Process

March 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

Great presentation on the creative mind

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What does Noo stand for?

February 18th, 2009 · No Comments

At the Wharton expo this past weekend several people asked whether Noo stands for anything. Noo is not an acronym for anything nor is it a defined word. While its pronunciation has meaning in many different languages that we like to have fun with in our marketing, and our logo design can be interpreted as mathematical notation, ultimately Noo stands for its founder’s values.


  • In marketing and use of technology;
  • In innovating and creating superior products, services, experiences and opportunities


  • Reducing complexity in today’s information economy
  • Simplifying by design


  • Awareness of the increasing integration of cultures
  • Incorporating the arts into business


  • To customers and to community
  • To leaps into new markets


  • Embracing challenges and possibilities
  • Accepting internal change to grow


  • Embodying a deep spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Having vision, tolerance for risk, energy and perseverance


  • Creating fun and new experiences for employees and customers
  • Always incorporating “the noo way of doing business”

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Visit us at the Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference – February 13

January 30th, 2009 · No Comments

We just received news yesterday that Noo has been selected to exhibit at the Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference in Philadelphia on February 13. How exciting!!!!! This will be a great networking event and our first real show and tell. Also of course a time to be grilled by some other entrepreneurs and investors with questions and comments. I’ll be at a booth exhibiting our latest progress from 2008 and giving a bit more insight into the brand and the ups and downs of the entrepreneurship.

If there are any Wharton engineers who have some time to get involved I’d love to meet you. Any one interested in design, branding and marketing would be great to meet too. And of course, if you have a few hundred thousand dollars in loose change lying around email me and I’ll send you our bank account info :-)


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New Years 2009 in Dubai CANCELLED by the Sheikh

January 4th, 2009 · No Comments

For those visitors to our website who didn’t find much going on in Dubai and complained to us “that our site was useless” here’s the explanation of why our exploration of new years celebrations in Dubai this year left us a little empty handed.

In the final days of the year the Sheikh of Dubai decided to cancel all New Years celebrations and commanded every hotel in the city to not have outdoor music and fireworks or they would be fined. Sorry for you folks who were planning on celebrating in Dubai. Unfortunately the big man felt no reason to celebrate the end of 2008 as yet another Israeli – Palestinian war was being ignited.

More details…

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New Year’s Eve in Chicago

December 17th, 2008 · No Comments

You can bet that there are going to be lots of celebrations for New Year’s Eve in Chicago this year in the hometown of the new president elect (who hasn’t gotten shoes thrown at him as of yet). This is our first year exploring New Year’s in Chicago. From a New Year’s cruise on Mystic Blue to New Years at Navy Pier you can find the big parties at our Chicago New Years Eve page.

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New Year’s Cruises

November 24th, 2008 · No Comments

New Year’s cruises have always been one of the best offerings to travelers who are looking for an all inclusive package, New Year’s party and the experience of seeing a city’s landscape and fireworks. With the sinking economy, cruises are trying not to sink by slashing their prices. We’re seeing some real great value out there with these experiences and so we’ve launched a new blog to cover New Year’s cruises in more detail. Visit for the round up of new years 2009 cruises.

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