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The 2009 Noo Survival Plan

May 13th, 2009 · No Comments

Part 1

So 2008 definitely didn’t end as planned. After raising some seed capital, we scaled up to 4 people and by year’s end it was back down to just me, Mahdad Taheri. Three months of planning at the beginning of the year all went down the toilet because of typical start-up challenges topped with the massive impact of the greedy financial sector collapse. With Noo in 2008 we didn’t make the money we were supposed to, the team lost morale because of development setbacks, and at the end I couldn’t afford to keep anyone on board anymore. It was devastating end to the year. Good thing I can take a hit and always have a few cards up my sleeve…

So it was back to the Noo drawing board. My favorite place to be funny enough. It’s that special creative place deep inside us where ideas are sketched on paper and then passionately put in motion.

For 2009 I decided to just enjoy this place again, focus on TVI Designs to make sure that company which gave birth to Noo doesn’t croak and die, and just get through the year. No more business plans that waste time. Considering the company right now has no money because I haven’t had the time to find it nor do I have a committed team to find it for anymore, things with Noo have sadly been very slow to move forward on the web development front. I’m real embarrassed by the two products right now of nooEvents and nooExperiences. They really aren’t what I set out to build. But I’m stuck and don’t have a developer who wants to see things through.

So what do entrepreneurs like me (or I guess just me) do to survive and get through 2009? I throw creative full moon parties. They keep spirits alive, creative energies flowing, and have allowed Noo to start producing events rather than simply marketing them. You should come to them. They’re called Moonlight Nights. They’re different and they’re magical!

And this New Year’s Eve we’ll be experiencing something even more spectacular. Not only will it be a full moon on Dec 31 but it will be a blue moon, which means two full moons in a month. The first lighting up your sky around Dec 2. The odds of this happening have got to be 1 in 1000+ years. Need to find an astronomer who can tell us exactly when the next New Year’s Eve blue moon will be but for sure it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence. (leaving aside technical arguments of when a blue moon actually is, the third full moon in a season or the fourth)

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