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The Official noo Blog header image 1 Launches New Year’s Resolutions Application on Facebook ¬Æ Platform

December 26th, 2007 · 1 Comment

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 26, 2007 – today announced the launch of its New Year’s Resolutions application on Facebook Platform to help its users stick to their 2008 resolutions. The application is built based on extensive research by Dr. Gary Latham, an organizational psychologist at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

The new online application, which can be found via’s New Years Resolution Tips page, provides links to academic advice from Dr. Latham on how to make an effective resolution. According to Dr. Latham, “If the resolution is vague, most people aren’t even aware they’re breaking it to begin with. You need focus. Most people are scattered. Without focus, you won’t make headway”. The results from Dr. Latham’s research allow users to create meaningful resolutions.

Noo’s application offers a simple to use interface for friends to rate their friends’ chances of success through a ‘Yes, No, or Maybe So’ vote and a comment. The votes and comments are tallied for friends to keep track of, creating a fun and interactive environment, while also offering a practical goal setting tool. “By making the goal public, you add the ‘loss of face’ element,” says Dr. Latham. “If you don’t tell someone about your New Year’s resolution, no one can encourage you and no one can call you on it if you stray.”

Noo’s application development team expects to add new features in the coming weeks to allow its users to continue encouraging their friends throughout the year.

Facebook Platform is a new way for companies and developers to integrate with the Facebook website and gain access to its 59 million users.

About Noo is an online presence in the hospitality and entertainment industry, made up of and allows event planners, promoters and venues to list their New Years events and sell tickets through the company’s e-ticketing system. The website lists a broad range of events from New Years in New York parties, South Beach New Years parties in and Las Vegas New Years parties.

Noo ® and the noo ® guy are registered trademarks of TVI Designs.

Facebook ® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

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New Years Las Vegas

December 18th, 2007 · No Comments

When it comes to prices, if New York is the quarter pounder for New Years, Miami is the new Angus Beef, and Las Vegas is simply the Big Mac. Prices in Las Vegas soar into absurdity at this time of year. Maybe our findings are inaccurate – does it really cost $700 to just get into the 40/40 club for a champagne toast and party favors? Someone must be pulling our leg. In any case we’ll keep digging for what’s going on for New Years in Vegas and until the next round up, here are a few interesting events.

New Years Las Vegas

Richard Abowitz’s “A Guide to the Strip: New Year’s Eve” also sheds some light on what to expect this year in Vegas

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New Years in Sydney

December 18th, 2007 · No Comments

Just stumbled upon this New York Times blog posting that people may find useful if traveling to Sydney this New Years.

David Allan writes “if you want to be outdoors, have a great view of the pyrotechnics and avoid the fees of ticket-only sites or the price of a meal or boat ticket, there are four areas available free of charge to the public where you can pack a picnic dinner and either bring or purchase alcohol…” Read on

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New Years Resolutions

December 17th, 2007 · No Comments

Many of us often fail in our resolutions and we often forget what they even were after a few weeks of the new year have passed. So at noo we decided to address that problem this year, and created a little Facebook application for our friends to encourage us or tell us to ‘get real’ with our resolutions and commitments. Make a new years resolution on Facebook and stick to it this year!

How to Make New Years Resolutions
Check out our tips and links to help you make better New Years resolutions this year.

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New Years South Beach

December 13th, 2007 · No Comments

One of the priciest destinations in the U.S. on December 31st is New Years in South Beach. Prices can shoot up to $300-$400 for advance ticket sales just to enter an event! But for that price you do get beautiful people, warm breezes, hotel swimming pool parties and nightclubs with palm trees to celebrate in. It might just be worth it. Here are a few recent event listings in Miami for December 31st, 2007:

South Beach New Years Nightclubs

  • Mansion Miami – New Years Eve hosted by Playboy Playmate Kim Kardashian
  • Set Nightclub – Celebrity guests are expected to appear at this club remodeled by designer Francois Frossard
  • Opium Garden – One of the biggest and longest running new years parties in South Beach
  • Prive New Years – If you’re looking for a smaller high end lounge with access to the big party at Opium Garden this is your calling
  • Bed New Years – Known for its big white beds, this charming and unique lounge lures visiting celebrities and models year round

South Beach New Year Hotels

  • Sagamore New Years – NYC’s Home and Guesthouse nightclubs have allied with the Social Miami to produce this spotlight event with DJ Vanjee spinning
  • Hotel Victor – Fireworks, belly dancers, fire performers, erotic gogo dancers, open bar, and more.

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Luxury New Years Eve Packages

December 12th, 2007 · No Comments

From what we’ve seen so far, the package below takes the cake when it comes to decadent luxury this year. If there are two high end venues to go to for New Years in New York they are Pink Elephant and Buddakan. Got 14 other friends willing to spend $4000 each? Try this luxury new years package out for size.

Exclusive Luxury Package – $60000.00

  • The most exclusive New Years Party in New York.
  • The Ultra VIP table in Pink Elephant for 15 people.
  • One Bottle of Dom Perignon White Gold Jerobaum.
  • 6 Bottles of the exclusive Pink Elephant Vodka.
  • Dinner at Buddakan for 15 people.
  • Mercedes Maybach transporation all night for you and all your guests.
  • A hotel suite at Grammercy Park Hotel for the night.
  • And on January 1st, spend the day in bliss at Bliss for a full day Spa Treatment Package.

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Find that Perfect New Years Party

December 11th, 2007 · No Comments

So many events, so little time. The Christmas season is in full swing, and New Years is right behind it. Don’t be a deer in the headlights this New Years, and plan early. Here’s your second weekly update to help you cruise, booze, dance, and relax your way into the new year.

New Years New York : Bars and Lounges | Restaurants | Cruises | Comedy Clubs | Hotels | Nightclubs

  • Party in heart of Times Square at the Paramount Hotel or Hawaiian Tropic Zone
  • Join an international crowd at EL RIO restaurant and get a taste of the south with their Tex-Mex cuisine
  • Stuff yourself with meats galore at Carne Vale restaurant in the East Village, away from the mobs
  • Dine in elegance at Cipriani 55 Wall Street with a special live performance
  • Mix, mingle, party, and dance aboard the Atlantis or Spirit cruise lines, not too mention fireworks along the Manhattan skyline or relax in the more private Yacht Manhattan (great for big groups)
  • Take a cultural journey and do New Years Belgian style at Petite Abeille
  • Big reputation, big music and big bucks will get you into nightclubs and lounges like Pink Elephant, or lounges like 49 Grove.

New Years Miami

  • Imagine your own personal bartender and bar, 20 bottles of vodka, 20 bottles of champagne, and private terrace for up to 60 guests. All overlooking the pool and party at the Sagamore Hotel. You can’t ring in New Years bigger or better than that.
  • Join in the celebration at the hotel newly renovated by Andr?ɬ© Balazs, the Raleigh Hotel. Details of this event still on their way.

New Years Las Vegas

  • Details coming soon!

Until the next update,
The noo Guy

p.s. See what’s new with noo and coming up in 2008.

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New Years Eve in NYC vs. New Years Eve in London

December 5th, 2007 · No Comments

Which city do you think has more events at restaurants, bars, and nightclubs than New York City? Does Hong Kong? Miami? London?

Well we don’t have the statistical answer for you (queue Google Answers) but this year we’re excited to announce that we’ve made another leap, across an ocean, and started our New Year’s explorations in London, England.

Andy and Zac, meet world. World, say hi to Andy and Zac.

These young chaps are just as curious as we are in New York to see what they can find, and are starting off our New Years Eve in London listings. They will likely find many more cruise or boat rides on the Thames compared to what you’ll see in New York’s New Years cruises.¬† London seems to have a lot more small vessel parties from our initial peak into the city. So if you’re traveling to London and want a water front view of some fireworks, be sure to check the New Years Cruises in London.

We’ll let them keep you posted on developments in the UK.

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Where will you be for New Year’s? Check out these ideas

December 4th, 2007 · No Comments

From the down and dirty, to family fun vacations and luxury celebration it’s time for your first weekly update of New Year’s events in the horizon. Many more events will be submitted to us in the next 3 weeks so don’t lose faith if you can’t find anything to your liking today. Below is a first peak at some different New Year’s events in the cities you selected.

The 2007 noo Stars of New Years
Remember that in a couple of weeks we’ll highlight the event organizers that are really doing something different this year. Read our criteria for our top new years eve parties.

New York City

  • Claim a VIP Table at Citysearch’s “Best Nightclub” in New York with Pink Elephant. Tickets here won’t last long.
  • Pamper yourself at the intimate subterranean lounge 49 Grove


  • Dinner and live show are ready to go at Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club
  • 3 piece latin band, DJ and a view overlooking Biscayne Bay – check out Blu Moon Restaurant and Lounge
  • Our first hotel submission is the Hilton Miami but expect many more as South Beach is known for its hotel parties.

Las Vegas

Oh by the way, if you feel like converting that once all mighty US dollar to that once all mighty British pound this year, check out New Years Eve in London. Yup, we’re headed overseas!

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‘Always bold . simply… ‘ about the logo

November 30th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Logo, symbol, mathematic notation. You decide. But the design is a bit of them all. Here’s a quick look at the ideas and symbolism behind the design of our marks.

noo logo The design was clear before we were even a company. It didn’t take many iterations to get this one down.

Colors: Black and white. To reflect tough or bold ‘yes’ and ‘no’ decisions that need to be made for a business to grow. Lingering in grey ‘maybe’ gets us nowhere.

Style: Clean. Smooth. Simple.

It was the combination of these two elements that created ‘always bold . simply…’ which captures the brand identity design and bit of our spirit. The exact date this was conjured up was back at the old blog.

Font: The design is not a particular font. At least we never used a font to create it. Though Chalet did have its role. But the “n” of any of the Chalet styles just didn’t cut it. It needed to be more balanced.

Mathematics: If you remember your grade 5 math and those diagrams you can see the ‘n’ as an intersection sign and the “o”s as two data sets. What the data sets contain and what happens at the intersection is up to the imagination.

original noo guy

Mahdad: “Pete we’re going under construction and I want to build our logo with little stick men!!”

Pete: “Oh dear lord he’s gone nuts. But ok. How about this fat orange faceless guy with no limbs.”

Mahdad: “Hey. Not what I was thinking, but I like it!”

And with that, in March 2005 the first noo Beginning went under construction.

Colors: Orange. Why? Because Pete liked orange.

Name: We couldn’t think of one. He’s just the noo guy.

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